The Battle for Autonomy


1.The right or condition of self-government, especially in a particular sphere
2. The state or condition of having independence or freedom
3. The power or right of a country, group, etc, to govern itself


In the past months, as I study the evidence for Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, applying the constant daily truths to my local evangelism ministry, it appears more and more to me that the problem with sin, our need for a Savior, and Jesus being that Savior, has never been a question with regard to whether or not these events really occurred.

I observed that the most constant objection seem not to derive from a place which lacks the necessary facts to conclude in light of truth, but sadly instead, from a place within that causes us to make a choice to disregard in spite of the evidence

Now this is important to understand because, to disregard that Jesus was and is who He said He was on the basis of lack of information, would entail that if there was evidence to prove otherwise, we would be A. willing to search it out to know the truth, and B. then change what we believe no matter what the cost on the basis of that truth.

But since the objection comes from a place that does not seek to search out whether the facts were correct, I sought to understand then, where was this aversion to truth coming from? Was it demonic in nature? Was it simply due to sheer neglect?

The answer of course, is made obvious from the scriptures them self, the source of all truth.

A serpent once said:

“You surely will not die! For God knows that in the day that you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”
Genesis 3:4-5

These words have lingered long and had a place in the heart of all mankind since the beginning of time. The excuses to neglect salvation do not stem from a misunderstanding of scripture, nor from a lack of evidence, nor of an skepticism that the information was or could be false, or somehow changed over time – excuses that we would never apply to any other historical fact that is presented to us – yet these are what the most common excuses seem to entail. Therefore upon a deeper search, the realization is that it comes from a place of moral nonacceptance. A place that makes the value of the seething lies of the serpent ring true in all generations from a simple neglect due to unbelief, but that stems from a place that lacks the true depth of humility to search out that truth because of an already clear understanding of what knowing this truth will cost us to know

You see, to claim ignorance of something has been an effect of fallen man that can be exhibited in children even as young as 5 years old, maybe younger. The sort of thinking that causes us to believe that if I don’t see it happening, or if I close my eyes to it, then I can’t be held accountable to what that truth may cause me to now be subject to.

The mistake in this logic comes from a place, that has a false belief that “I” am in control, and to give up that control, somehow would mean that I am weaker, not able to guide myself, nor able to tell the truth from a lie. It’s a place that doesn’t see the paradox truth of humility.

For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted
Matthew 23:12

Now, if we read this scripture and say to ourselves, “I’m a pretty humble person, so this doesn’t apply to me”. What is the measure by which we believe ourselves to be humble? Is it in comparison to our friends? Or to our co-workers? Or to those we hear about in the news?

Most likely.

This is because we have a knowledge of good and evil, so we see within ourselves an ability to judge ourself against another’s situation and give ourself a rank of being better or worst off than the other.

e.g. You move out of your parents home and you believe that anyone who still lives at home has not achieved what you have. They are somehow lesser and you are more

But what if the measure that you have been most prone to use in your fallen state of mistaken knowledge of what “good” truly is, was wrong?


What if a law existed that was so holy and pure, that no man, woman, or child on the entire face of the earth could have ANY reason to boast of their goodness to another, because in some way, shape or form, we all fell short of this one perfect law?

That my friends, is that the Law of Moses represents. It is not a law that makes people holy. It is a law that points out the sinfulness of all mankind, making every sin, truly sinful.

Only under a true understanding of that knowledge, and only then, can we begin to understand and see our need for a Savior. This is when the “good news” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ begins to really look like good news.

Religions of all sorts has taught for centuries a false way of how “we” can make ourselves right with God. Either by our religious works, or our legalistic practices, or by our attendance, or by our giving, or by some other means of sacrifice and outward profession.

The true and biblical Jesus Christ however, is the story (beginning in Genesis) of God’s problem with all of His creation that cannot seem to understand their relation in distinction from His: perfect truthfulness, holiness, righteousness, justice, wisdom and love.

So much so, that out of that perfect love, He begins a plan of redemption to reveal unto His creation, the mystery of His holiness through the giving of His Holy Law at Mount Sinai, which then reaches the climax of this epic real life story which details the giving of His only begotten Son as the sacrifice for a nation that was doomed to eternal destruction to be killed by that particular nation, proving their inability to keep that law

Only at the cross of Jesus Christ do we witness that God is indeed Holy and Righteous and Just, so much so, that the punishment that abounds from sin cannot be overlooked. Punishment and death are the cost or we could not say God is truthful since His own law states that the consequence of sin is death and we all have fallen short.

But only at the cross do we ever have evidence in all of creation of the vast measure of God’s love. A love that surpasses all understanding. One that was willing to send His one and only Son to be the sacrifice for the punishment we all deserved to face for constant rebellion, even towards this truth.

Only a Savior of the world with perfect love and righteousness could look down from the cross He was hanging upon, being held up by His wrists in the face of His accusers and those who watched on glorying in their deed of crucifying the innocent, and hear Him cry out these words for mercy:

Father, forgive them. They know not what they do
Luke 23:34

Only He that is without sin could then rise from the grave having disarmed the powers and authorities, making a public spectacle of them, having triumphed over them through Him, showing himself alive and well to over 500 hundred eye witnesses. Fulfilling every prophecy, and then victoriously returning home to His rightful place right before their very eyes.

You may trust in your own wisdom, your own righteousness, your own ideas of goodness and understanding, your media driven ideas of love, and hypocritical moral ethics to secure your eternity when you shall stand before THAT God, the One true God who has proven such by His life, death, and resurrection, the One before whom ALL men will one day stand. But me….

I’ll take my chances with the Lord who lives!


Bless your Holy Name Lord Jesus!




Names, Titles, and Characters of Jesus Christ!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God
John 1:1


I.—And Simon Peter Answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Mat 16:16
The Son  1Jo 4:14
The Son of God  Jhn 1:34
The Son of the living God  Mat 16:16
His only begotten Son  Jhn 3:16
The Son of the Father  1Jo 1:3
The only begotten of the Father  Jhn 1:14
The only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father  Jhn 1:18
The first-born of every creature  Col 1:15
His own Son  Rom 8:32
A Son given  Isa 9:6
One Son (his well-beloved)  Mar 12:6
My Son  Psa 2:7
His dear Son (or the Son of his love)  Col 1:13
The Son of the Highest  Luk 1:32
The Son of the Blessed  Mar 14:61
Secret  Jdg 13:18
Wonderful  Isa 9:6
Testimony borne to the Son by the Father, by Jesus Himself, by the Spirit, by Angels, saints, men and devils.
The Father, “My Beloved Son.”  Mat 17:5
Jesus Himself, “I am the Son of God.”  Jhn 10:36
The Spirit, “The Son of God.”  Mar 1:1
Gabriel, “The Son of God.”  Luk 1:35; 2:11
John Baptist, “This is the Son of God.”  Jhn 1:34
John, Apostle, “The Christ, the Son of God.”  Jhn 20:31
Paul, Apostle, “He is the Son of God.”  Act 9:20
Disciples, “Thou art the Son of God.”  Mat 14:33
Nathaniel, “Rabbi, thou art the Son of God.”  Jhn 1:49
Martha, “The Christ, the Son of God.”  Jhn 11:27
Eunuch, “Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”  Act 8:37
Centurion, “Truly this was the Son of God.”  Mar 15:39
Unclean spirits, “Thou art the Son of God.”  Mar 3:11
The Legion, “Thou Son of the Most High God.”  Mar 5:7


II.—Unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever. Hbr 1:8
God  Jhn 1:1; Mat 1:23; Isa 40:3
Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever  Hbr 1:8
The Mighty God  Isa 9:6
The Everlasting God  Isa 40:28
The True God  1Jo 5:20
My Lord and my God  Jhn 20:28
God my Saviour  Luk 1:47
Over all, God blessed for ever. Amen  Rom 9:5
The God of the whole earth  Isa 54:5
God manifest in the flesh  1Ti 3:16
Our God and Savior  2Pe 1:1
The great God and our Saviour, Jesus Christ  Tts 2:13
Emanuel, God with us  Mat 1:23
The God of Abraham, The God of Isaac, The God of Jacob  Exd 3:2, 6
The Highest  Luk 1:76

III.—Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am. Jhn 8:58. Holy, Holy, Holy is Jehovah of Hosts. Isa 6:3
Jehovah  Isa 40:3
The Lord Jehovah  Isa 40:10
Jehovah my God  Zec 14:5
Jehovah of Hosts  Isa 6:3; Jhn 12:41
Jehovah, God of Hosts  Hsa 12:4, 5; Gen 32:24
The King, Jehovah of Hosts  Isa 6:5
The Strong and Mighty Jehovah  Psa 24:8
Jehovah, mighty in battle  Psa 24:8
The Man, Jehovah’s Fellow  Zec 13:7
Jehovah-tsidkenu (the Lord our righteousness)  Jer 23:6
The Lord  Rom 10:13; Joe 2:32
The Lord of Glory  1Cr 2:8
The Same  Hbr 1:12; Psa 102:27
I am  Exd 3:14; Jhn 8:24
I am (before Abraham was)  Jhn 8:58
I am (whom they sought to kill)  Jhn 18:5, 6
I am (the Son of Man lifted up)  Jhn 8:28
I am (the Resurrection and the Life)  Jhn 11:25


IV.—He is before All things, and by Him All things consist. Col 1:17
The Almighty, which is, and which was, and which is to come  Rev 1:8
The Creator of all things  Col 1:16
The Upholder of all things  Hbr 1:3
The Everlasting Father (or Father of Eternity)  Isa 9:6
The Beginning  Col 1:18
The Beginning and the Ending  Rev 1:8
The Alpha and the Omega  Rev 1:8
The First and the Last  Rev 1:17
The Life  1Jo 1:2
Eternal Life  1Jo 5:20
That Eternal Life which was with the Father  1Jo 1:2
He that liveth  Rev 1:18


V.—No man hath seen God at any time; he hath Declared Him. Jhn 1:18
The Word  Jhn 1:1
The Word was with God  Jhn 1:1
The Word was God  Jhn 1:1
The Word of God  Rev 19:13
The Word of Life  1Jo 1:1
The Word was made flesh  Jhn 1:14
The Image of God  2Cr 4:4
The Image of the Invisible God  Col 1:15
The Express Image of his Person  Hbr 1:3
The Brightness of his Glory  Hbr 1:3
Wisdom  Pro 8:12, 22
The Wisdom of God  1Cr 1:24
The Power of God  1Cr 1:24
My Messenger  Isa 42:19
The Messenger of the Covenant  Mal 3:1
The Angel of Jehovah  Gen 22:15
The Angel of God  Gen 31:11, 13; Exd 14:19
The Angel of his presence  Isa 63:9


VI.—Thou hast made Him a little lower than the angels. Hbr 2:7
The Man  Jhn 19:5
The Man Christ Jesus  1Ti 2:5
A Man approved of God  Act 2:22
The Second Man, the Lord from heaven  1Cr 15:47
The Son of Man  Mar 10:33
The Son of Abraham  Mat 1:1
The Son of David  Mat 1:1
The Son of Mary  Mar 6:3
The Son of Joseph (reputed)  Jhn 1:45
The Seed of the Woman  Gen 3:15
The Seed of Abraham  Gal 3:16, 19
Of the Seed of David  Rom 1:3


VII.—Lo, I Come, to do thy will, O God. Hbr 10:9
The Babe  Luk 2:12
The Child  Isa 7:16
The Young Child  Mat 2:20
A Child Born  Isa 9:6
The Child Jesus  Luk 2:43
Her First-Born Son  Luk 2:7
The Sent of the Father  Jhn 10:36
The Apostle  Hbr 3:1
A Prophet  Act 3:22, 23
A Great Prophet  Luk 7:16
The Prophet of Nazareth  Mat 21:11
A Prophet mighty in deed and word  Luk 24:19
A Servant  Phl 2:7
The Servant of the Father  Mat 12:18
My Servant, O Israel  Isa 49:3
My Servant, the Branch  Zec 3:8
My Righteous Servant  Isa 53:11
A Servant of Rulers  Isa 49:7
A Nazarene, or Nazarite  Mat 2:23
The Carpenter  Mar 6:3
The Carpenter’s Son (reputed)  Mat 13:55
He Humbled Himself unto death  Phl 2:8
A Stranger and an Alien  Psa 69:8
A Man of Sorrows  Isa 53:3
A Worm, and no Man  Psa 22:6
Accursed of God (or the Curse of God)  Deu 21:23


VIII.—God hath given him A Name which is above every name. Phl 2:9, 10
Jesus  Mat 1:21
Jesus Himself  Luk 24:15
I, Jesus  Rev 22:16
A Saviour, Jesus  Act 13:23
The Saviour of the World  1Jo 4:14
A Saviour, which is Christ the Lord  Luk 2:11
Jesus Christ  Rev 1:5
The Lord Jesus Christ  Col 1:2
Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself  2Th 2:16
Jesus the Christ  Mat 16:20
Jesus Christ our Lord  Rom 5:21
Jesus Christ the Righteous  1Jo 2:1
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to-day and for ever  Hbr 13:8
Jesus of Nazareth  Act 22:8
Jesus Christ of Nazareth  Act 4:10
Lord Jesus  Act 7:59
Christ Jesus  1Ti 1:15
Christ  Mat 23:8
Messiah, which is called Christ  Jhn 4:25
Anointed  Psa 2:2; Act 4:27
Christ the Lord  Luk 2:11
The Lord Christ  Col 3:24
The Christ of God  Luk 9:20
The Lord’s Christ  Luk 2:26
The Christ, the Son of the Blessed  Mar 14:61
The Christ, the Saviour of the World  Jhn 4:42


IX.—Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, riches, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and blessing. Rev 5:12
The Lamb of God  Jhn 1:29
A Lamb without blemish and without spot  1Pe 1:19
The Lamb that was slain  Rev 5:12
A Lamb as it had been slain  Rev 5:6
The Lamb in the midst of the throne  Rev 7:17
The Bridegroom  Mat 9:15; Rev 21:9
The Lamb (the Temple of the City)  Rev 21:22
The Lamb (the Light of the City)  Rev 21:23
The Lamb (the Overcomer)  Rev 17:14


X.—I will set up One Shepherd over them, and he shall feed them. Eze 34:23
One Shepherd  Jhn 10:16
Jehovah’s Shepherd  Zec 13:7
The Shepherd of the Sheep  Hbr 13:20
The Way  Jhn 14:6
The Door of the Sheep  Jhn 10:7
The Shepherd of Israel  Eze 34:23
The Shepherd and Bishop of Souls  1Pe 2:25
The Good Shepherd (that laid down his life)  Jhn 10:11
The Great Shepherd (that was brought again from the dead)  Hbr 13:20
The Chief Shepherd (that shall again appear)  1Pe 5:4


XI.—The Tree of Life in the midst of the Paradise of God. Rev 2:7
The Root of Jesse  Isa 11:10
The Root of David  Rev 5:5
The Root and Offspring of David  Rev 22:16
A Rod out of the stem of Jesse  Isa 11:1
A Branch out of his roots  Isa 11:1
The Branch  Zec 6:12
The Branch of the Lord  Isa 4:2
The Branch of Righteousness  Jer 33:15
A Righteous Branch  Jer 23:5
The Branch strong for thyself  Psa 80:15
The Vine  Jhn 15:5
The True Vine  Jhn 15:1
The Tree of Life  Rev 2:7
The Corn of Wheat  Jhn 12:24
The Bread of God  Jhn 6:33
The True Bread from Heaven  Jhn 6:32
The Bread which came down from Heaven  Jhn 6:41
The Bread which cometh down from Heaven  Jhn 6:50
The Bread of Life  Jhn 6:35
The Living Bread  Jhn 6:51
The Hidden Manna  Rev 2:17
A Plant of Renown  Eze 34:29
The Rose of Sharon  Sgs 2:1
The Lily of the Valley  Sgs 2:1
A Bundle of Myrrh  Sgs 1:13
A Cluster of Camphire  Sgs 1:14

XII.—I am the Light of the world; he that followeth me shall have the Light of Life. Jhn 8:12
The Light  Jhn 12:35
The True Light  Jhn 1:9
A Great Light  Isa 9:2
A Light came into the world  Jhn 12:46
The Light of the world  Jhn 8:12
The Light of men  Jhn 1:4
A Light to lighten the Gentiles  Luk 2:32
A Light of the Gentiles  Isa 42:6
A Star  Num 24:17
The Morning Star  Rev 2:28
The Bright and Morning Star  Rev 22:16
The Day Star  2Pe 1:19
The Day-spring from on High  Luk 1:78
The Sun of Righteousness  Mal 4:2

XIII.—The name of the Lord is a Strong Tower. Pro 18:10
The Strength of the children of Israel  Joe 3:12-16
A Strength to the Poor  Isa 25:4
A Strength to the needy in distress  Isa 25:4
A Refuge from the Storm  Isa 25:4
A Covert from the Tempest  Isa 32:2
The Hope of his people  Joe 3:12-16
A Horn of Salvation  Luk 1:69

XIV.—They drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ. 1Cr 10:4
The Rock  Mat 16:18
My Strong Rock  Psa 31:2
The Rock of Ages  Isa 26:4
The Rock that is higher than I  Psa 61:2
My Rock and my Fortress  Psa 31:3
The Rock of my Strength  Psa 62:7
The Rock of my Refuge  Psa 94:22
A Rock of Habitation  Psa 71:3
The Rock of my Heart  Psa 73:26
The Rock of my Salvation  2Sa 22:47
My Rock and my Redeemer  Psa 19:14
That Spiritual Rock  1Cr 10:4
The Rock that followed them  1Cr 10:4
A Shadow from the Heat  Isa 25:4

XV.—Other Foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1Cr 3:11
The Builder  Hbr 3:3; Mat 16:18
The Foundation  1Cr 3:11
A Sure Foundation  Isa 28:16
A Stone  Isa 28:16
A Living Stone  1Pe 2:4
A Tried Stone  Isa 28:16
A Chief Corner-stone  1Pe 2:6
An Elect Stone  1Pe 2:6
A Precious Stone  1Pe 2:6
The Head Stone of the Corner  Psa 118:22
A Stone cut out without hands  Dan 2:34, 45
But unto them which are disobedient,  –
    A Stone of Stumbling  1Pe 2:8
    A Rock of Offence  1Pe 2:8

XVI.—In His Temple every Whit of it uttereth His glory. Psa 29:9
The Temple  Rev 21:22
A Sanctuary  Isa 8:14
The Minister of the Sanctuary and of the True Tabernacle  Hbr 8:2
Minister of the Circumcision  Rom 15:8
The Veil (his flesh)  Hbr 10:20
The Altar  Hbr 13:10
The Offerer  Hbr 7:27
The Offering  Eph 5:2
The Sacrifice  Eph 5:2
A Ransom (his life)  Mar 10:49
The Lamb  Rev 7:9
The Lamb Slain  Rev 13:8
Within the Veil-  –
    The Forerunner (for us entered, even Jesus)  Hbr 6:20
    The Mercy-seat (or Propitiation)  Rom 3:25
    The Priest  Hbr 5:6
    The High Priest  Hbr 3:1
    The Great High Priest  Hbr 4:14
    The Mediator  1Ti 2:5
    The Daysman  Job 9:33
    The Interpreter  Job 33:23
    The Intercessor  Hbr 7:25
    The Advocate  1Jo 2:1
    The Surety  Hbr 7:22

XVII.—A Gift is a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it; whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth. Pro 17:8
The Gift of God  Jhn 4:10; 3:16
His Unspeakable Gift  2Cr 9:15
My Beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased  Mat 12:18
Mine Elect, in whom my soul delighteth  Isa 42:1
The Holy Child Jesus  Act 4:27
The Chosen of God  Luk 23:35
The Salvation of God  Luk 2:30
The Salvation of the daughter of Zion  Isa 62:11
The Redeemer  Isa 59:20
The Shiloh (Peace-Maker)  Gen 49:10
The Consolation of Israel  Luk 2:25
The Blessed  Psa 77:17
The Most Blessed for ever  Psa 21:6

XVIII.—Who was Faithful to Him that appointed him. Hbr 3:2
The Truth  Jhn 14:6
The Faithful and True  Rev 19:11
A Covenant of the people  Isa 42:6
The Testator or Covenanter  Hbr 9:16, 17
The Faithful Witness  Rev 1:5
The Faithful and True Witness  Rev 3:14
A Witness to the People  Isa 55:4
The Amen  Rev 3:14

XIX.—He that is Holy, he that is True. Rev 3:7
The Just  1Pe 3:18
The Just One  Act 7:52
Thine Holy One  Act 2:27
The Holy One and the Just  Act 3:14
The Holy One of Israel  Isa 49:7
The Holy One of God  Mar 1:24
Holy, Holy, Holy  Isa 6:3; Jhn 12:41

XX.—That in All things he might have the Pre-Eminence. Col 1:18
The Beginning of the Creation of God  Rev 3:14
My First-Born  Psa 89:27
The First-Born from the dead  Col 1:18
The First-Begotten of the dead  Rev 1:5
The First-Born among many Brethren  Rom 8:29
The First-Fruits of them that slept  1Cr 15:20
The Last Adam  1Cr 15:45
The Resurrection  Jhn 11:25
A Quickening Spirit  1Cr 15:45
The Head (even Christ)  Eph 4:15
The Head of the Body, the Church  Col 1:18
The Head over all things to the Church  Eph 1:22
The Head of every Man  1Cr 11:3
The Head of all Principality and Power  Col 2:10

XXI.—Gird thy Sword upon thy thigh, O Most Mighty, with thy glory and thy majesty. Psa 45:3
The Captain of the Host of the Lord  Jos 5:14
The Captain of Salvation  Hbr 2:10
The Author and Finisher of Faith  Hbr 12:2
A Leader  Isa 55:4
A Commander  Isa 55:4
A Ruler  Mic 5:2
A Governor  Mat 2:6
The Deliverer  Rom 11:26
The Lion of the Tribe of Judah  Rev 5:5
An Ensign of the People  Isa 11:10
The Chiefest among Ten Thousand (in an army)  Sgs 5:10
A Polished Shaft  Isa 49:2
The Shield  Psa 84:9

XXII.—All Power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Mat 28:18
The Lord  1Cr 12:3
One Lord  Eph 4:5
God hath made that same Jesus both Lord and Christ  Act 2:36
Lord of Lords  Rev 17:14
King of Kings  Rev 17:14
Lord both of the dead and living  Rom 14:9
Lord of the Sabbath  Luk 6:5
Lord of Peace  2Th 3:16
Lord of all  Act 10:36
Lord over all  Rom 10:12

XXIII.—Him hath God Exalted to be a Prince and a Saviour. Act 5:31
The Messiah the Prince  Dan 9:25
The Prince of Life  Act 3:15
A Prince and a Saviour  Act 5:31
The Prince of Peace  Isa 9:6
The Prince of Princes  Dan 8:25
The Prince of the Kings of the earth  Rev 1:5
A Prince (among Israel)  Eze 34:24
The Glory of thy people Israel  Luk 2:32
He that filleth all in all  Eph 1:23

XXIV.—He shall reign for ever and ever. Rev 11:15
The Judge  Act 17:31
The Righteous Judge  2Ti 4:8
The King  Zec 14:16
The King of Kings  Rev 19:16
Lord of Lords  Rev 19:16
A Sceptre (out of Israel)  Num 24:17
The King’s Son  Psa 72:1
David their King  Jer 30:9
The King of Israel  Jhn 1:49
King of the daughter of Zion  Jhn 12:15
The King of the Jews (born)  Mat 2:2; 15:2
The King of the Jews (crucified)  Jhn 19:19
The King of Saints or King of Nations  Rev 15:3
King over all the Earth  Zec 14:4, 5, 9
The King of Righteousness  Hbr 7:2
The King of Peace  Hbr 7:2
The King of Glory  Psa 24:10
The King in his beauty  Isa 33:17
He sitteth King for ever  Psa 29:10
Crowned with a Crown of Thorns  Jhn 19:2
Crowned with Glory and Honor  Hbr 2:9
Crowned with a Crown of Pure Gold  Psa 21:3
Crowned with many Crowns  Rev 19:12
Allusions, Characteristics and Epithets
As a Refiner’s Fire. As Fuller’s Soap  Mal 3:2
As the Light of the Morning when the sun riseth, a morning without clouds. As the Tender Grass by clear shining after rain  2Sa 23:4
As a Tender Plant (to God). As a Root out of a dry ground (to man)  Isa 53:2
As Rain upon the mown grass. As Showers that water the earth  Psa 72:6
As Rivers of Water in a dry place. As the Shadow of a great Rock in a weary land. As an Hiding-place from the wind  Isa 32:2
As Ointment poured forth  Sgs 1:3
Fairer than the Children of Men  Psa 45:2
A glorious high Throne from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary  Jer 17:12
For a Glorious Throne to his father’s house  Isa 22:23
A Crown of Glory and Beauty  Isa 28:5
A Stone of Grace  Pro 17:8
Nail fastened in a sure place  Isa 22:23
A Brother born for adversity  Pro 17:17
A Friend that sticketh closer than a brother  Pro 18:24
A Friend that loveth at all times  Pro 17:17
His Countenance is as the sun  Rev 1:16
His Countenance is as Lebanon  Sgs 5:15
Yea. He is altogether lovely. This is my beloved and my Friend  Sgs 5:16
Consider Him
He was Obedient  Phl 2:8
He was Meek, Lowly  Mat 11:29
He was Guileless  1Pe 2:22
He was Tempted  Hbr 4:15
He was Oppressed  Isa 53:7
He was Despised  Isa 53:3
He was Rejected  Isa 53:3
He was Betrayed  Mat 27:3
He was Condemned  Mar 14:64
He was Reviled  1Pe 2:23
He was Scourged  Jhn 19:1
He was Mocked  Mat 27:29
He was Wounded  Isa 53:5
He was Bruised  Isa 53:5
He was Stricken  Isa 53:4
He was Smitten  Isa 53:4
He was Crucified  Mat 27:35
He was Forsaken  Psa 22:1
He is Merciful  Hbr 2:17
He is Faithful  Hbr 2:17
He is Holy, Harmless  Hbr 7:26
He is Undefiled  Hbr 7:26
He is Separate  Hbr 7:26
He is Perfect  Hbr 5:9
He is Glorious  Isa 49:5
He is Mighty  Isa 63:1
He is Justified  1Ti 3:16
He is Exalted  Act 2:33
He is Risen  Luk 24:6
He is Glorified  Act 3:13
The Lord is my Portion
My Maker, Husband  Isa 54:5
My Well-beloved  Sgs 1:13
My Saviour  2Pe 3:18
My Hope  1Ti 1:1
My Brother  Mar 3:35
My Portion  Jer 10:16
My Helper  Hbr 13:6
My Physician  Jer 8:22
My Healer  Luk 9:11
My Refiner  Mal 3:3
My Purifier  Mal 3:3
My Lord, Master  Jhn 13:13
My Servant  Luk 12:37
My Example  Jhn 13:15
My Teacher  Jhn 3:2
My Shepherd  Psa 23:1
My Keeper  Jhn 17:12
My Feeder  Eze 34:23
My Leader  Isa 40:11
My Restorer  Psa 23:3
My Resting-place  Jer 50:6
My Meat (his flesh)  Jhn 6:55
My Drink (his blood)  Jhn 6:55
My Passover  1Cr 5:7
My Peace  Eph 2:14
My Wisdom  1Cr 1:30
My Righteousness  1Cr 1:30
My Sanctification  1Cr 1:30
My Redemption  1Cr 1:30
My All in All  Col 3:11


Beautiful Eulogy Ft Lee Green – Surrender Lyrics

Beautiful Eulogy Ft Lee Green – Surrender

(Lee Green)
It’s the battle of ages, if we ever could try to measure
the terror that’s evident then it would shatter the cages,
in the balance of wages. That this payment, sin shackled
and chained in, to the back of our brain and we acting
insane every action is vein as we grapple for change and
then prove that we’re trapped in enslavement. The devil
wants our bellies full to consume earth then waste it. Not
knowing that we feed to die like the cattle that grazes.
See we were made to crave, I believe that it’s true. Adam
was a slave of love before he had a clue. See we do what
we like because we like what we do. Father God change our
wants so we are slaves to you.

(Odd Thomas)
This is pragmatic axiom. We were born into a system automatic
slaves and addicts and whether you believe it is just
a matter of whether you consider it compatible or problematic.
But if you honestly acknowledge the logical conclusion
for you to choose your destiny is a delusion. Because
when you examine the general system of living it proves
who’s your true master and who your enslaved to. It’s true
that since the fall we’ve all been taught false view of
freedom and a rebellious mind recoils and is inclined to
deny him and bind him with the ties of treason. Either
rebellion or righteousness, both lead to the inescapable
mark of eternal life or death. Bound to sin or bound to
obey either way were both slaves one kills one saves.

Dear descendants of Adam and Eve, we’ve been contaminated with a disease.
The infiltration of sin is deep in our nature,
peel back the layers. It’s no secret, even the naked eye can see it
under careful examination, no exaggeration
needed. These are exact statements, we are dead in our offenses.
We can’t pay penance with petty possessions. No exceptions
or exemptions will be made.
Nothing independent of true repentance and redemption.
Deserving the death sentence,
we earned it by our own merits. Inherited from our parents, pride and arrogance.
Endlessly in error is the best way to describe our rebellious lives as blind derelicts.
On what basis should we escape judgement and condemnation?
If we get graded on a curve who is worthy of God’s favor?
If he is righteous and just — and the wages of sin is death,
the only way for us to live is if someone perfect dies for us.
How else can the spiritually lifeless rise from dust?
From the worst to the least of sinners — the truth hurts
but let it simmer until your soul surrenders control.
The goal of faith is to believe that we need to be saved,
and then rejoice knowing that our savior came! Died in our place, and
his sinless life was raised from the grave.
Our sin is death, Christ is life, either way all of us are slaves.
One kills, one saves

Now you are free from your slavery to sin, and you have become slaves to righteous living.
Romans 6:18

Blessings and grace to you all,