Off The Cuff(s)



Off The Cuff(s)



“Lord!” …. I start all of my lyrics now

Cryin out to Him who hears the humble and oppose’ the proud


I’m nothing special, I deserve a cell beside my boy

But the Gospel taught me of the love of God who paid it all


So now my knees bow down in salute of the Father

My Abba got me so my sentence got revoked and barred up


I now exalt the King of glory for His blessed mercy

Drinkin from deep wells and finding I’m no longer thirsty


I am an artistic depiction of the sea of grace

A Rembrandt of salvation for a dying race


Even the public without their bars of incarceration

Are dying daily to religious bars that have them cased in


I’m tryna reach past ya fig leaf sentiments of love

If we could do it then why should we praise the man above?


Who bowed low and descended to this lower glory

Only to rise and change this horror to a love story


I’m shouting “Hail Jesus;” Mary will you join me?

Your son’s the Saviour’s and He’s moving with me blood deep


We visit prisoners and tell em now’s the time for freedom

And watch them break free; moving to another season


The paradigm is shifting watch how the slaves are rejoicing

Once known for killing now they killing sin with joyful noises


I’m screaming “Hallelujah” giving all praise to the Father

As the Spirit makes us willing to now answer the Caller


And through our worship of the Christ we find identity

That was originally lost when Satan tempted Eve


But we’re a new creation; though we’re a dying breed

Certain to raise to life and live with Him eternally


So now the hope that should empower you empowers me

I’m here to tell you – you no longer need the former things


His grace’ amazing the only challenge is come see and taste

This blessed love that makes us leave all of our lesser ways…



Trust Jesus!


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