In a world with so much information at our fingertips, and all of the ancient documents now available online, you’d expect people would do their own research. After five years of a careful investigation of the facts, I’ve compiled these top ten reasons to say ‘goodbye’ to Islam this new year!

Although I could easily have come up with fifty reasons why Islam is false, I had to restrict myself to just these ten.

Check it out:

10. When I ask most adherents why they’re Muslim, they reply with how it’s the most ‘beautiful religion in the world’ or it’s the ‘fastest growing religion in the world’ instead of any *factual data* for why they believe it is true. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Islam is the fastest growing *’enforced’* religion in the world. Maybe if they stopped threatening their adherents with death if they leave, more people might have the opportunity to leave freely, and thus, their over-inflated statistics would quickly reflect their true conversion rate.) This is the first and most dangerous sign of a cult – propaganda without substance. Beauty or progression of growth are not indicators of truth.

My concern is that if a Muslim who thinks that the ‘rate of growth’ of a belief system, or ‘its appearance’ confers its validity as true, they are probably a person who is easily susceptible to all sorts of tempting offers instead of truth. By this sort of logic it means that if somehow one day Satanism began growing exponentially in followers, or could find the right sort of appeal, Muslims might abandon Islam to become satanists instead.


9. Anytime I begin to speak to a Muslim with Scripture teachings from the Bible or textual citations from the Quran, Muslims immediately reply, “I’m not a scholar but our scholars know the answer”, which means most Muslims are ignorant of understanding their beliefs – a blatant warning sign of a cult. (Important Note: I regularly converse with Islamic scholars who are no better at answering the questions than a Muslim novice.)


8. If you leave Islam, the Quran gives authority to kill such an offender. Most countries under Islamic law today still exercise this Islamic right – even against their own family members. However, since Westernized Islam is far more watered down than the eastern practices, you might just get outcasted or excommunicated from your family for rejecting or speaking against Islam. (Important Note: Western Muslims have still been killed even here in North America for renouncing Islam)


7. In third level jihad, or under Islamic rule if you won’t convert to Islam or pay the Jizya, the Quran gives authority to kill such offenders. Third level jihad is a time when Islam shows its true face in the attempt to overthrow a current system and replace it with Islam if Islamic law is not currently in place.


6. Muslims claim that they believe in Jesus even though the Jesus they describe in no way portrays the Jesus described by those who actually lived with and walked with him for three years written about in the four canonical Gospels. (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) Most of Muhammads ideas about Jesus were actually plagerized by 3rd century Gnostic gospels like the Gospel of Barnabas. A 3rd century account is not an eye witness account like the four canonical Gospels included in the New Testament and that’s why they were never canonized. Muhammad may have been illiterate, but he certainly was able to listen to folklore from others while growing up which he then incorporated into his so called ‘revelations’ when he claimed to have heard from God. (but didn’t)


5. Both Muslims and the Quran claim that Jesus is the Messiah even though the Quran then contradicts itself by claiming that Jesus never died on the cross. This is simply a fallacy of ignorance because if you know anything about the prophetic writings that we currently have in the Old Testament of the Messiah to come, they speak of a Messiah that would suffer and be killed. If Jesus did not die on the cross, he cannot be the Messiah. And if Muslims call him the Messiah, then a good conversation starter would be to ask them: ‘on what basis?’ (Important Note: expect the answer “because the Quran says so.” and use it as a great segway into explaining how cults are formed. If the title of ‘Messiah’ can be conferred on someone without them meeting any criteria to prove the validity of the claim, then just about anyone can be the Messiah.)


4. Muslims are taught ridiculous comebacks, instead of an actual apologetics for their faith like saying “show me where Jesus said ‘I am God, worship me.'” Many of you who are well versed in your bible can already think of many verses throughout the Gospels where Jesus demonstrates and takes ownership of, and receives worship as – God. But that’s not what Muslims are asking for. They’ve come up with their own sentence: ‘I am God, worship me’, and are asking you to find this man-made statement in Scripture in order to validate your belief in Jesus as God. That’s an abuse in the handling of *any* text of Scripture. We go to the Scripture to learn of God as ‘He’ has revealed Himself, not as we’d like to find Him.


3. When a Muslim cannot answer a Christian’s defence using the Scripture, they relegate to saying “the Scriptures have many errors.” But firstly, they cannot name one, and secondly, they use the same Scriptures to point to Muhammad as a final prophet. Apparently the verses in the Bible that they claim point to Muhammad are not in error… Just everything else. A very blatant tactic of a cult. (IMPORTANT NOTE: There are NO verses in the Bible that point to Muhammad. Based on the way that Muslims interpret the Bible, if it doesn’t validate Islam, it must not be true. These are more telltale signs of a cult. Instead of coming to the Scriptures with true sincerity to conform to truth, they want the truth to conform to their already held beliefs)


2. In an attempt to denounce Christianity as a lie, the Quran says that you shouldn’t believe those who take Jesus and Mary as gods. But Biblical Christianity doesn’t teach that Jesus’ mother Mary is a god. However, Roman Catholicism teaches this false doctrine. So if Muhammad was getting revelation from God that Christianity was not true, why was he getting revelations regarding teachings that Christians already held as false and equating them with Biblical teachings? This shows that Muhammad had no idea what Biblical Christianity actually taught so he was unable to refute it. It also shows that the source of his revelations didn’t know better either.


1. Islam teaches that Muslims believe in Moses, yet most Muslims I speak to have never heard of the Torah (the writings of Moses – the first five books of the Old Testament.) If they have perchance heard of it, they’ve never read it. Muslims are taught to depend solely upon the Quran recited by Muhammad, that was compiled in approx 600a.d to teach them about Adam, which is why most Muslims do not believe in original sin – because they don’t know the actual story of the Garden of Eden except by tradition. It’s also why with Abraham, most Muslims don’t know that it was Isaac – not Ishmael – that Abraham was asked to sacrifice. It’s also they have no clue who the Messiah should be, or why they cannot understand the sacrificial system of atonement that requires blood sacrifice that Moses wrote about, or why the Messiah should have to die and his blood would have to be shed to redeem us of our sins.

It all doesn’t make sense because if you start with the Quran, it’s impossible to understand all of these precursors to who Jesus and why He came, and most importantly, how we know with absolute certainty that He is God.


This new year, if you love your Muslim friends and relatives, then pray for opportunities to have the often long and difficult but very necessary discussion with them about the historical Jesus.

Their whole eternity is at stake by getting this wrong.

I implore you,




Because for the most part it is unknown to us in our deepest inward parts what sort of wretched creatures we truly are, it behooves us in our darkened perceptions to the weight of wretchedness for which we are in desperately need of redemption.

Some may affirm their wretchedness as the odd abrasive and unloving response; others some unforgiveness, and yet another, a mean demeanor. But the true recepients of grace are those who understand that their every breath exhales death deserving desires and deeds.

What appears as interest in that which belongs to another on the surface can actually be rooted in deeply darkened covetousness.

What appears as admiration can be in reality nothing more than the blinding allures of lust.

The depth of depravity we truly possess from our fallen nature has sunken into our every range of thought and emotions and has perversely blinded us from the reality of our true motives behind our every vain ambition.

Even many who profess themselves to be a ‘work in progress’ with only the appearance of humility can actually be completely oblivious to the true depth of their very real need for grace.

For example, while only desiring some fickle or superficial victory with maybe ‘saying the wrong thing in public’, a person can be completely oblivious to the fact that they say the wrong thing because what they actually desire is contrary to what they ‘want to appear’ as wanting; the marks of a desperately wicked heart that no one but the Spirit of God alone can fully ever know.

If I’m wrong, then you’ll have to explain to me why men and women say ‘I do’ at the altar – claiming that they’ll selflessly love each other forever, and then separate at the first sign of real turbulence;

why people proclaim that ‘beauty is on the inside’ while sporting the latest fashions and accessories, aiming for the latest cars, striving for the nicest homes, and posting only their nicest pics seasoned with superficial happiness and excessive face paint;

why people claim to want faithful loving monogamy but can be neck deep in bondage to pornography and/or secret romances;

why we claim we want peace yet we do all the things that would hinder any such peace from ever truly existing: lying, cheating, gossiping, slander, carrying malice and hatred;

why when you ask people how they’re doing, they’ll reply ‘I’m fine’, yet can be drowning in alcohol or drug addiction, or struggling with thoughts of suicide;

why people can be long time avid church goers, yet be the perpetrators of some of the most heinous acts of debauchery and depravation known to mankind.

And yet, God looked upon this world with all of its warped and wicked corruption, and said to Himself that each and every one of us would be worth sending His Son to die for, so that we could all not only avoid the punishment we clearly deserve, but then to also receive an inheritance that none of our works have ever merited – eternal life – the very epitome of mercy and grace!


If that doesn’t sound like Good News to you…

If that doesn’t sound like the GREATEST news you’ve ever heard…

Then you’ve taken the time to understand the Gospel!


And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him 

Hebrews 11:6