I was once pulled over and ticketed and had to appear in court in hopes of a reduced fine. Expired sticker; borrowed car; totally my fault for not thoroughly inspecting the vehicle beforehand. But as always, God used the opportunity to teach me more than I expected. 
As I sat in the court room and observed the long line of people approaching the judge ahead of me, I saw something pretty interesting. 
Most of the people were there for cell phone related driving offences, and some of the people had made some pretty drastic changes between the ticket and their court date to their vehicles as their defence. 
“I installed a $500 handfree device in my vehicle dear judge” one man said in hopes of avoiding the $300 and 3 points for ‘using a cell phone while driving’ charge. 
But after a few of these excuses, the frustrated judge stopped the precedings and stood up to address the entire court room. 
“it’s very good that some of you have done something something to correct the issue that caused you to be pulled over and charged, but cell phone bans in vehicles have been around for years now. You should’ve known this and done something about it ‘before’ you got pulled over.”
After that, no one went up with an excuse for their charges any longer. What the judge said made a great deal of sense, and anyone who was honest enough with themselves could easily recognize that what the judge said, was just!
As I thought about this, I envisioned the terrifying day of judgment upon the world where God will make known to us all the unforgivable sin of not having acknowledged His Son Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins and being born again. 
I thought of the many excuses that undoubtedly people would try to present… “I only did that particular thing when I was younger God!” or “After I sinned, I felt really bad and never did it again God, so I don’t see why I needed Your Son Jesus!” 
And all excuses will be silenced by the Eternal Judge for a similar reason as the earthly judge. He might say:
“Although you all learnt from your mistakes and changed for the better, that doesn’t mean that the offence of your sinful disposition that you have is completely gone. It simply means that you are learning not to act upon it anymore, and realize the harms it has caused you. But since that offence from your sinful disposition that caused you to act that way in the first place exists in all of humanity, nothing any of you offer of your own doings will ever suffice to exempt you from the judgment you rightly deserve for sinning against Me. But since Jesus My sinless lamb was slain to take the punishment you all rightly deserve, if you had put your trust in Him, then the punishment for your sins would’ve been absolved on account of His offering, because unlike you, *He had no sin* of His own, and was able therefore to offer Himself in your place.”
Just like that courtroom was filled with various people of diverse beliefs, when they stood before the judge, they were all without excuse. 
Although I personally know Muslims, Buddhists, and Altruists who profess to have turned their lives around from some very outrageous lifestyles to become humble and even loving people, and I even applaud their efforts to better themselves and their own lives here on earth in this way, I realize that their change will amount to nothing in eternity if they don’t deal with the stain of sin against their soul that comes simply on account of this inherited sinful disposition from Adam, that Jesus’s sinless blood alone has the power to cleanse. 
Muhammad was not sinless. He was a man like you and I. And Buddha certainly was not sinless. The proof is in their deaths – they died just like all men do. 
But God’s great validation of the sinless and therefore acceptable offering of Christ’s life was in His glorious resurrection from the grave! 
Because of this, we can have great assurance in the hope we profess, because it is placed in someone who not only rose from the dead, but who is alive forevermore!
If you haven’t yet placed your trust in Jesus, I hope you’ll deeply consider all these things I have taken the time to write to you these past months and years, and make that well-grounded, overwhelmingly evidentiary – leap of faith and place your trust in Christ! 
For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all people.

This has now been witnessed to at the proper time

*1Timothy 2:5-6*
With tears I implore you, 
Trust ♔ Jesus!