Six Primary Emotions: Contempt



Paul Ekman determined that there are six basic – or what he calls ‘universal’ – emotions that are expressed by certain facial expressions that are shared by people in all cultures.

These are: anger, happiness (joy), surprise, disgust, sadness, and fear.


Among these, researchers have found that when anger and disgust are combined, they breed an expression of contempt.

In a relationship or marriage, contempt is the number one indicator in a facial expression that separation is almost inevitable.

Contempt reflects a heart attitude that is completely closed off from reconciliation.

But contempt can also be seen in other areas of our lives.

Check out these few scripture examples.

Can you identify contempt?

A fool rejects his father’s discipline, but he who regards reproof is sensible”
Proverbs 15:5

Listen to your father who begot you, and do not despise your mother when she is old
Proverbs 23:22
but they continually mocked the messengers of God, despised His words and scoffed at His prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against His people, until there was no remedy
2 Chronicles 36:16
They did not keep the covenant of God and refused to walk in His law
Psalm 78:10


Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts
2 Peter 3:3
Even young children despise me; I rise up and they speak against me
Job 19:18
When wickedness comes, so does contempt, and with dishonor comes disgrace
Proverbs 18:3

Contempt is one of those sins that creeps in very subtly through offences and unresolved hurts, and it affects our spiritual life so we must be diligent to guard our hearts against it.

We may try to avoid it and fool others, but it cannot be hidden as it will be seen on our faces or heard in our words.

Our attitudes and responses are most revealing.

The only way to crucify contempt is by combating it with sincere love borne in the heart by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us!

For we are exceedingly filled with contempt
Psalm 123:3

If you’ve been battling with contempt, I adjure you to begin to seek the Lord in prayer to identify the root.

Sometimes contempt is rooted in issues of un-forgiveness and have become habitual because of avoiding dealing with past issues for so long.

We must retrain our minds and confront the wickedness that hides in every darkened corner of our hearts.

This year, if you are looking for freedom from contempt,

there is definitely hope!

I implore you,

Trust Jesus!



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Trust Jesus!