Asking the Right Questions

by David Platt


Many people struggle today with two major questions about the Christian faith. One is regarding the very existence of the supernatural being we call ‘God’, and the other is the Christian worldview that there is only ‘one way’ to Him.


Today I hope to lend some insight that will assist you to find the answers to these two questions if you’re willing to do your part in considering these things.


First of all, for just for a moment I’d like you to imagine that there ‘is a God’ and that He is perfect in justice and holiness and love – and this God was to create a world where the pinnacle of His creation was to create a man and a woman for the express purpose to “know” Him and enjoy Him and walk with Him and have fellowship with’ Him – And He wanted us (His creation) to experience life with Him forever.


And imagine that one day that the creation was to look at the Creator and say “I think I don’t want to follow my Creator’s ways, I want to do things on my own”


Imagine the Creator has said “if you turn from me and eat from this tree, then you’ll experience death but I don’t want you to experience death I want you to live forever with me”


Imagine the creation were to say “I don’t think we can trust Him”


So they were to eat from that tree and totally turn from their Creator




And imagine that Creator said to them “I told you that if you ate from that tree you would die but I have this plan in motion for you to still live”


And then the Creator began to send people to His creation to bring Good News of His great love for them. He even called some of them to Himself personally and said “I want to enter into a covenant relationship like a marriage covenant with you to show My love to you so you can then reflect My love to everybody in the world”


And then imagine those people were to say “Yes! We want to do that (their called the nation of Israel in the Old Testament)


And then imagine that the people of Israel who had entered into this marriage covenant relationship with God had decided to themselves that – they would rather take their gold and their silver and put it together and worship that instead of our Creator


And then imagine that the Creator were to send messengers to His creation to say “turn back, I love you. Turn from your sin. Trust in Me.”


And imagine that creation were to take the messengers sent by their Creator and were to stone them, saw them in two, beat them, imprison them; persecute them…




And after all that,


Imagine that the Creator was to commit the ultimate act of condescension and come to the Creation Himself – To love and care for His creation, serve His creation, wash their feet, heal their sicknesses, deliver them from their infirmities, and then make a way for the creation to know their Creator


And imagine that the creation were to take the Creator Himself – in the flesh – and to mock Him, beat Him, scourge Him, spit upon Him, nail Him to a cross in the most cruel form of death they could imagine.


And imagine in light of all of that the Creator was to say that “if you’ll simply trust in My love for you, and what I did for you, then I will forgive you of all your rebellion against Me and you can live with Me forever”….




If that were all true, then doesn’t it seem a bit bold to look in the face of that Creator and say “why have you only made one way for us?”


Because once you realize the whole story, the question isn’t
“why is there only one way for us?”

the real question the becomes:
“why is there any way at all???”

Trust Jesus!


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