Hearing the Voice of God

Last week Sunday my brother and I went out bowling at a local venue.

It had been a long time since we had the opportunity to hang out so it was long overdue

While we were bowling, this thought crossed my mind:

Lord, are you with me even when I’m bowling?

I quickly caught myself and replied to my own question:

Of course you’re with me! you’re with me in everything I do!

As I continued on bowling, I wondered if the Lord knew a better way to help me bowl so I asked Him to be a part of it

There were five bowling balls to choose from in the ball return. Out of those, there were three primarily that I was using:

– A light weight ball (red)

– A medium weight ball (green)

– A heavy ball (blue)

At first I heard the Lord say to me “use the green ball”

So I did, and sure enough…. STRIKE!

How amazing, I thought. The Lord is helping me bowl!

The next time around I heard the Lord say to me “use the blue ball” And of course, STRIKE again!

This was awesome!

Again I went up and I heard Him say “use the green ball”

Sure enough, STRIKE again!


I thought to myself, all I have to do was trust in the Lord to guide me and I would certainly be victorious even at something like bowling

The next time I went up to bowl I heard the Lord say to me “use the red ball”

So I did. But this time, there was no strike. I think I barely caught two or three pins on the left side.

I turned and asked the Lord:
“Lord, what happened? I trusted your voice and listened to your instruction, but I didn’t get a strike this time”

The Lord replied
“Son, I wasn’t trying to teach you how to bowl. I was teaching you how to listen and obey my voice!”




In the book of 1 Samuel, the prophet teaches us “to obey is better than sacrifice”

God doesn’t care for our man made religion, but seeks a meaningful relationship with us – His creation

This is only made possible by the reconciliation that God established through the cross of Jesus Christ!

That relationship grows into something beyond beautiful when we learn to trust Him.

We show that have learnt to trust Him when we obey.


With each passing day,
may we learn to trust Him more


Trust JESUS!


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