The Exit Strategy

Then Samson said to the boy who was holding his hand,
“Let me feel the pillars on which the house rests, that I may lean against them”
Judges 16:26

Someone wrote this poem from the perspective of the young boy who held Samson’s hand as he led him to where he sat at the supporting pillars of the Philistine temple just moments before he pushed it over gaining one last victory for his people, though it would also cost him his life.

The Bible tells us:
“So the dead which he slew through his death were more than those which he slew through his life”
Judges 16:30


The Boy Who Held His Hand

They gouged them out
At first I could not bare to look
Empty and raw and cruel
I would not look,
the shock of emptiness
knowing that he would not see

I watched his shaven head bow low
rocking with the rthym of the grind stone
round round round

I watched the needless shackles
heavy and hard biting the flesh that needs no binding

Now, it does not matter that his eyes are gone
I am his eyes
He sees through me
He has to see through me
there is no other way
And I have wept the tears he cannot weep
For all those careless years
And I have learned to love this broken man
While he has learned at last
to fear his God

So, I am not afraid to die
Happy to be his eyes this one last time
Taking his hand, leading with practiced care
Step by guided step
Into the place where he can pray:

Oh Lord
Oh Sovereign Lord
And as the pillars fall
I cry, Amen






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