The Hound of Heaven – A Modern Adaptation

This adaptation is based on an autobiographical poem written over a hundred years ago by Francis Thompson.

A destitute, misfit addicted to opium, he wandered London’s streets until a publisher read some of his poetry on grimy paper.

It resulted in a deep friendship that guided Thompson’s redemptive journey of healing to a remote monastery near England’s southern coast.

As the monks kind care and the refreshing countryside helped restore his strength, the poet’s heart began to flow.

Thompson’s pen poured forth a poetic masterpiece about being utterly, completely lost, but relentlessly pursued by God… and finally found.

Thompson’s timeless classic “The Hound Of Heaven” has touched the hearts and lives of countless readers ever since,



The Hound of Heaven




When Jesus told his followers how much we all need God’s love, it was not a theological treatise. Instead, he told a story: “There once was a man who had two sons…” The simplicity of this famous parable belies some richly profound truths. The story Francis Thompson tells in his classic poem The Hound of Heaven works in exactly this way-stirring our hearts with a yearning we may not fully understand. Something comes through the poem that we cannot quite put our finger on…

God bless you richly,





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