Truth Music


Truth Music


When I say to the wicked, “O wicked man, you will surely die,” and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his evil ways in order to save his life, that wicked man will die for his sin and I will hold you accountable for his blood
Ezekiel 33:8

Look, I ain’t fittin to keep doing this homie
So I’m praying that people will listen
How many rappers am I having to beat to submission
Leaving them in fetal positions
All this beefing and dissin
got the people wondering if he’s even a Christian
Wasn’t a Christian rapper til after I made explaining
I was just a rapper that loved the Father and hated satan
And Jay’s(-Z) playin this game where he’s making in blantant and sayin he ain’t
is placing them right in the way where I’m aiming


Rick Rick Ross
Your foolery is working
Your music is perverting what we’re doing in the churches
You got people who would never do it in a service
At the club movin screaming “Hallelujah” while they’re cursing
You see the world to just glorify the rhymer you are
but I could ask you kids what kind of father you are
Beyond the facade, I see you don’t love yourself
You run around tryin to be everyone but yourself

Larry Hoover…
John Gotti…
Big Meech…
Albert Anastasia…
Pablo Escobar…

Seems the only thing you were you denied and that’s po-lice
Now cause he’s obese he thinks he’s B.I.G
See like a new picture you have twice been exposed
But I show the picture of your life in a different pose

He never smiles cause he has to pretend he’s a threat
When the only thing that should be on his record’s identity theft

See I don’t battle in the flesh”
I war in the Spirit
That’s why the listener can picture the sword when they hear it

They want you in the dark ignorant and blind stricken
Mad cause I’m runnin round hitting all the light switches

And Christ reigns!
You could never take the power from Him

If ‘ye (Kan-ye) wanna be the Son,
Tell him I could son him

Now I’mma tell you what they’re doin
You gotta pay real close attention to their music

They all stand together I can see the alliance
If enough agree to feed it to you the people will buy it

So I heard the freemason record and they said that Jay(-Z) denied it
But what did he deny because to me sounded like this:
“rumors of Lucifer, a devil I’m not though”
But if you listen I said he ain’t the devil in my song
He didn’t say he ain’t a mason, he just said he never said it
Put the devil on you? Ain’t nobody make you wear the sweater

But since I know a lot of you will take it if he tell ya
I’mma paint the picture for you so you see a little better

If your chick came home with a hickey on her neck…

Phone number in her purse…

Movie tickets in her dress…

Smelling like cologne…

naked pictures in her text…

showing everything but his tape slipping in her deck…

If all it would take for you to trust her
is saying “she ain’t do it”
without having to prove it
then you’re a sucker

Do not insult my intelligence
Denying the allegations without ever addressing the evidence

The Bible says: you judge a tree by the fruit”
I look at the streets and I see what you people produce

So hear what you say
But I see what you do
And I ain’t seeing nothing consistent between the two

And though you lied to me
I’d never lie to you
You’re telling half truth’s but that’s what good liars do

So if your music inspires people to rob and shoot
If that’s your fruit then what god inspired you?

I know that J (Jay-Z) quoting the Bible confuses you
but in the studio when he recorded “Lucifer”
he looked ‘Ye (Kan-ye) in the eye and said:
“I don’t know where I’m gettin this ish from,
I never read the Bible a day in my life”

But since I know that most of you won’t believe it
Just know that even Satan ‘tried’ to quote the Bible when he tempted Jesus

But I ain’t even surprised cause that’s hiphop
You make a living off of quoting lines you don’t live by

What’s really funny homie
I’m only twenty six
These cats are pushing forty
But get a load of this

They rock Jesus pieces, crosses and rosaries
but push sex, drugs, and murder when they’re on the beat
But if I did that, it would be all over
Peep how their twice my age but you expect more from me

The world flipped when I said “n!cca”
When Jay(-Z) said “hat’s my mother effin name?”
they just said “Jigga!”

But at the end of the day I ain’t afraid to say
Christ love us the same, it ain’t too late for Jay(-Z)

And as sure as He hung and bled for you homie
If you EVER try to change I’ll be there for you homie
But as long as you’re on the other side of that line
I’m cracking the devils back and you’re attached to that spine

Check it…
You dumb hiphop down, it dumbs down people
So they can throw screens up that you can’t see through
And now evil looks good on the scale that we use
Only because we compare it to stuff that’s more evil

Even the liar says: “At least I don’t steal”

The thief says: “well, at least I don’t kill”

The killer says: “Well, at least I don’t rape women”

The rapist says: “Well, at least I don’t rape children”

C’mon homie, is that how we’re living now?
Is that how you convince yourself you ain’t living foul?

Comparing yourself to people you think are worst than you?
Compare yourself to Christ and you’ll learn the truth!

It is what it is, consider me the messenger
Shown the light and got on the mic to tell the rest of them
Satan got the best of them
and only One can rescue them
and He’s the baby that laid in the manger down in Bethlehem

That died for sins of man
just to rise again with power in His hand
and I’m honored to be following His plan

This ain’t fun to me, this load is so heavy
The world hating and the church got they stones ready
But I’m ready for whatever and for Christ I’m ready to die
So the question is, are you ready for I?

Somebody who don’t got a price; That you never could buy
You could never pay me enough to fill a nations head up with lies
I severed my ties to the world cause I’m fed up inside
It’s either speak out or shut up and cry
So I cried to the LORD til it swell up my eyes
The beats gone now, listen to my heart and you can tell if I’m lyin

And Jay is still a beast, I ain’t never been a hater
And so is Ricky Ross, but I’m all for the Savior

I don’t care if we’re brothers if you’re beefing with my pops
I’mma take you in the yard and I’mma beat you til you stop
But I’m not fittin to become the illuminati rapper
pointing out Mason’s, that is not what I rap for
Cause half of y’all spend more time wrapped up in that stuff
last week than you have your Bible in the last month

Study the lie they can make more lies up
Study the truth and you’ll know when the lie comes
I’m not going away so get used to it

God Over Money
is the new movement and this is
Truth Music

Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me
John 14:6



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