The Collective – Avenge

The Collective


This is biblical symbolism: I kill a track like it was born to die
Call it crucifixion my writtens will mortify
The Lord and I form an alliance to pause the violence
With a roaring siren, to warn ya tyrants of your demise
Your disguise and distorted lies keep the poor deprived
Literal,  political, spiritual, all apply
You’re the guy with your right hand on the 45
And your left is on your shorty’s thigh before you snort a line
Or maybe you’re the dude who’s spewing it
Through your music, fooling kids into thinking that it’s cool to do it
You influence a multitude with your foolishness
In pursuit of the loot you get, when the truth is you’re stupid rich
Naw that’s not a compliment, but that you though it is
Is a knock at your cockiness, obvious over-confidence
Your not legit and the day you flop and you call it quits
And the thought of you being hot is forgotten, you’ll mock your hits
“about time”, you’ll be catching up with the rest of us
You replica, everyone’s checking for you except the fuzz
Your criminal record is cleaner than your record was
In Walmart, but God’s record is separate from secular
The fall’s part in your false art is evident
And your small heart is all dark but God is the medicine
Or the weapon if you don’t let him in
Check Him out & check Him in before He demolishes all rebellion

I got a beef that seems to never cease I’ll never be at peace till he’s deceased though
And I can’t trust in protection that I’d get from packing heat bro
He’s a beast yo, he’s top 3 in the list of illest villains
I’ve been trying to kill him but he’s die hard like Bruce Willis
Trying to catch me sleeping like a plumber slumbers with his pipe dreams
he speaks deceit I’ve peeped that things ain’t always what they might seem
like, he promised i’d be pleased if I unleashed & feast on lust
I’ve learned no matter what I feed that beast it never seems enough
And when my strength is weak and I feel like its Jesus I should run to
he says take a seat, relax kick up your feet & just get comfortable
Yo, I’ve had enough of your junk chump hope I’m sounding loud
So you can hear me say that when I see you I’ma stomp you down
The beef is on and tho I spit it on this track
It ain’t just beef on wax I’m strapped in fact the spirit’s got my back
& no I ain’t ashamed to say that on my own I’ll never slay you clown
I pack a Canon that I stand with & I’ll bang to lay you down
I don’t care that we was cool & we was partners
You need me fool what I’m gon do is take ya food & starve ya
Wrote a song about controlling you on bear fruit’s compilation
Since you’re crucified in Christ tho, think I’ll take you to the grave son
Yeah my words are brutal but the truth is you deserve to die
& since testing with fire purifies then you gon burn alive
I promise you this execution with God as my help
Long as I live until my death I’ll fight to kill you selfish self

Since the fall in Genesis I’ve longed for vengeance
And my brokenness is comprehensive, God Avenge us!
cuz He gave you humans the duty to subdue and rule me in the likeness of the True King
though you misuse me He still truly speaks through me to clearly show you His beauty
and my rubies and huge seas prove He is real so your evolution it won’t excuse thee
Can’t wait til He removes these, doomed seed of the serpent,
I’m cryin out, Lord, come and renew me!
but til then I’ll be revealing His wrath!
when you worship me instead of Him ya guilty of that!
you pagans defile my dirt
so my earth-quakes I now exert are my pains of child-birth!
From France to Indonesia
I groan with natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy and Katrina!
in the bondage of decay, so I’m longing for the day
when Yahweh renews me for the honor of His Name!
The first fruit of new humans from virgin birth
will return to recreate this cursed earth.
then the resurrected sons of God,
will be immersed in mirth, as they rightly rule my lovely sod,
when with His people, Immanuel is in the Land
then I’ll be avenged and the wolf is dwellin with the lamb, Lord avenge me!



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