John’s Prayer

God’s Servant

John’s Prayer

Know that God would raise up,
in this room,
and across this country,
and the world,
young preachers,
who lead their hearers,
with a spiritual sense of shock,
at the sense of God.
Some sense of the infinite weight,
of the glory of God.
That’s my anointing,
that’s my prayer,
that God would raise up thousands,
of broken hearted,
Bible saturated preachers,
who are dominated,
by a sense of the greatness,
and the majesty,
and the holiness of God,
as He has been decisively,
revealed in Jesus Christ,
through the Gospel,
of Christ crucified,
risen and reigning today,
over all nations,
all armies,
all cancer cells,
and all politics,
and all Churches,
and all false religions.
That would be a griping,
of pastors today,
of the amazing,
wake of the absolute claims,
of the Lordship of Christ,
over the nations,
and over everybody in your city.
They will bow or they will burn.
There is no doubt about it,
Jesus Christ lays absolute claim on planet earth.
Everybody in your city,
must bow their knee.
God did not ordain the Cross of Christ,
or create the lake of fire,
in order to communicate,
the insignificance of belittling His Glory.
The death of the Son of God,
and the damnation of independent human beings,
are the loudest shouts conceivable,
under heaven,
that God is infinitely Holy,
that sin is infinitely offensive,
that wrath is infinitely just,
and that grace is infinitely precious,
and that the brief little life,
that you and I live,
and that everybody in our Churches lives,
is going to issue very quickly,
either an everlasting joy,
or an everlasting pain.
This has got to grip us.
Where brothers,
is this weight,
going to be felt,
if not from you?



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