The Sacrifice of Worship


Sacrifice of Worship


Timothy Brindle
This sermon’s from 1 Peter 2
But don’t take my word for it please first read it dude
And search-See, it’s true
We destroy deceit we find
So hypocrisy we put away like toys at clean up time
‘Cause sin is whack-Now Evangel, Tim, and Ack
Feed the milk of the Word to those fed up with similac
Though cats keep laughing that we’re corny
We can’t stop ‘cause God’s given us a passion for His glory
And though they reject us by the Father we’re chosen and precious
Like costly stones on a necklace
We once was tasteless but since the Son has saved us
We’re convinced of this from the taste test
We behold that He’s good
So if He’s holy, let’s be holy as His holy priesthood
But not to add to Christ’s death-That was priceless
But to offer up praises of spiritual sacrifices
And though filthy and wretched
Since he took our guilt we’re accepted
Through the cornerstone the builder’s rejected
He died for his bride-He’s marrying her
We’re a chosen race like Hitler thought the Aryans were
But not based on pigment or skin color
We’ll be placed in Christ to be saved from sin’s cellar
We was living in madness-but since Jehovah saved us
We approach his greatness with unlimited access
Saved for this reason alone to fall on our face
And holler His praise at the scene of His throne
‘Til then we’ll make sure that his shine’s seen
As we fervently offer up worship with rhymes schemes
Instead of spitting secular garbage
We proclaim His excellencies on 52nd and Market
To the living God, it’s vital we give props
And never offer up rhymes to the idols of hip hop.


Truly unworthy
Now I present my whole body as a sacrifice in view of His mercy
To clear up the debt of sin we’ve cashed in the act of Christ
And lashing his back with stripes with spiritual medicine
Renewed through the bible I fight my truest rival
Trying to kill myself like I’m suicidal
Tongue once a militant shank, unwilling to thank
Lewd aggression fill in the blank
Now it’s used for blessing
Used to talk in pride and falsified
And lied while my law-defying feet walked in stride
I used my head for a crowd of cheers and styles appear
Now it’s loud and clear it should be bowed in prayer.
They were once grips for looting and fists for duking
Now my hands I throw up like my wrists were puking
In praise, not loving the carnal
Sin amassed back then, past acting like Governor Arnold.
My eyes were disgusting with the crust of lusting
Peering at the woe’s – Now I’m cross-eyed like I’m staring at my nose
Don’t walk in the flesh like Pro Keds

My left eye sins, get rid of the Lisa Lopez
I make them an offer
Ring to the king as their placed on the altar
By faith-there you’re altered
And that’s my life of service avail to live godly
‘Cause daily my body’s a sacrifice of worship.



Holy, holy holy is the lamb in which we direct their attention
He switched us and now directs our affection and senses
Hence this rap is written with excellence and given
To the God who manifested himself to this vessel He lives in
He’s risen, so forever we’ll praise his name
I’m through with the monkey business-no more signing contracts with orangutans.
I’ve changed lanes and I claimed the slain
Son who hangs on the cross-And now me and his DNA is arranged the same
To Christ I’ll write rhymes divine pipe bombs
Delight psalms to put Christ in the light as an icon
I con–struct hype lines that lift his name on the mic
In the world that puts the Son down like it’s night time
I often stand in awe of the flawless author of life
Who’s awesome and altered my life-Now I’m caught up
So now all that I offer is my life
As a living sacrifice without crawling up off the altar
I’m not moving-It’s yours Lord ‘cause you’re Lord
Please pour more of yourself inside of this poor cords
Of course with my sword I’m determined with more force
To build my house on the Rock, wiith your Word as the floor boards
And let myself beat the guy on the Forth Horse
And beat my flesh to the point that I am a sore corpse
And let my life be the kind that the Lord sports
And outshine your shine that was shining before yours.

Stop the music-this is my sacrifice of worship
To my master Christ-With this rappin mic I serve this
Glorious king before Him I bring
The song of thanksgiving-This is the chorus I sing.

Stop the music-this is my sacrifice of worship
To my master Christ-With this rappin mic I serve this
Glorious king before Him I bring
The song of thanksgiving-This is the chorus we sing.
So stop the music.


He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around”
Mark 8:24


Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein:
then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice
Psalm 96:12



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