Press On – Don’t Give Up

In the past months, after receiving the gift of salvation; the chance to come learn of God and walk according to the Spirit and the leadership of God’s Holy Word, I found at times that it can be fairly easy to put on an attitude of entitlement. To know that you have received a blessing from God; a free and totally undeserved gift; forgiveness from the sins of both your past, and future unintentional sin; even more still; a promise; a chance to see the heavens and spend an eternity with the the Lord Jesus; God of all creation. It’s sometimes hard to completely fathom. Could this be true? Is this what God would do even for someone like me?

If I take a real look backwards as far back as I can remember at my own life, I see that at times in my life I was a thief, I cheated, I hated others, I nearly murdered someone, I abused myself with cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol, I was filled with pride in my own ignorance, I was reckless with the life given to me, I had thought of doing and saying horrible things to others, I squandered away or disregarded the blessings of having a loving family, having a job, having good health, even having the sensibility to know better, I chased the lusts of my eyes,I looked for peace and happiness in material gains and wealth.

But last November 2012, when in my own disgust, I finally gave up and decided to return back to church; after living a life neglecting and disrespectful of everything God had given me, God still loved me enough to welcome me back into His house and His family and His covenant with a promise to give me a hope and future.

The gift of salvation is not a pardon then free ticket to continue on in the way of sin, but a call to all to turn away from your ways in true repentance to receive the free gift of salvation given to all who believe in God’s love, and then a call to press on and march forward in the renewing of your mind.

How do you begin to thank God for such a gift; for such a love?

From the moment I rise til the moment I return to a slumber, I spend each moment trying to reflect that same back love to any and everyone I encounter in hopes that they too might feel His love and find the forgiveness only found in Christ.

I wake up each day and try to spend my every waking moment giving thanks in thoughts of Him and in words and actions

I praise Him for who He is…

God Almighty.

And I just wanted to remind all my brother and sisters, that no matter what you might be faced with today or any other day to come. Whether you can’t find that significant other, or that job you want, or that goal that you hope to reach, If you can’t see over that mountain that feels like it’s just been there forever, If you feel lost and can’t find your way, if you’re not happy, or just can’t find peace, or if you think you just don’t deserve His love, I want you to remember that you do.

God loves you and in Him, you will make it through.

If He could love me after all that I’ve done with most of my life; to still give me a chance to be where He has brought me to today and still continues to love and bless me with His favor each and every day even though I’m still so far from perfection, then He loves each and every one of you also. At the end of it all, every one of those things that once brought me shame, are now the very things that allow me to use to serve Him in every situation that arises. My every step surely was ordained from the beginning just as it is written, and so are yours.

Open your hearts and receive His free love.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall receive eternal life.
John 3:16


Love always,

S.O. ft Leah Smith – Low’s And High’s


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