A Vision of Truth

This is just some insight, of what I’ve come to learn
A piece of His perfection, something I couldn’t earn

So let me start by prayin; cause there’s so much here to say
His spirit is my guidance, the lamp that leads my way

His Word’s a never-ending fruit; I just can’t get enough
Sweet salvation so fulfilling; I’m reflecting back His love

I’m faithful that my past imperfections are excused;
Once a bearer of the lie turned the bearer of good news

We all have been misled in a very detailed plot
To draw us far away from the one that we aught not

Creator of creation, the Master of the world
With blessing He created every single boy and girl

But there was one little glitch, and it wasn’t by His fault
Inherited through time right back to the first to fall

And now we have a knowledge of the things that cause us sin
That strike us from His presence if we don’t repent and then abstain

And no, no one is perfect
you might just fall again,
But greater is no love than one who lays His life down for a friend

It seems like an illusion, it might be hard to grasp,
I’ll try my best to explain a few reason for my path

My vocab is extensive, but this won’t be ’bout that
Cause wisdom has more power when you understand the rap

We all are looking ’round for the answers asking “why?”
When the answers are the questions we’re deceived by in the lie

We drink and we get drunk; abusing our bodies
Then when we feel a pain how we forget to blame our hobbies

We lie and yea we cheat, we steal and we have rage
Yet can’t seem to comprehend why its us on the front page

We start to blame the world, but then what happens next
By pointing out their faults, we simply toss the blame again

We start to form our groups, or better yet they’re cults
Distinguishing ourselves as if we don’t have our faults

We seem to know what’s best; we’ll just keep it to ourselves
That selfishness right there is our differences in wealth

And if you think I’m lying then you’re missing out my truth
How many stack their wealth to spend on things they shouldn’t do?

Today I’m having parties, tomorrow at the club
Four hundred in a night, callin ourself ballers, gangsta’s; thug

So how are we to teach things that we have yet to learn?
Forgiveness comes from God, we should reflect that truth in turn

You wanna just complain or to make a better way?
Then first learn what’s required then teach it by the way

you love and cherish others; you practice what you learn
And maybe stop the boasting; unless it’s of the Word

And God should be included, in every thing you do
So if you feel like swearing, you’ll know it’s from the other dude

The one that brings destruction, the one that makes you fall
He offers you the world, and tells you “you can ball”

But what’s the truth that happens? Now you’re walk is unsecured
And then you’re doing things that you would normally abhor

Mother’s are hating daughters, Father’s are hating son’s
Then crying to your friends “it’s their fault, they are the ones!”

But are you lacking wisdom? Did you miss it in my word?
It’s Satan causing you to act in ways that are unheard

So praying to the Father, that He will send you light
And remaining faithful seems to be the better fight.

And don’t forget that knowledge is the power of the Word
Disassembling arguments with Truth they never heard

Embracing those with love when instead they show you hate,
says you have understanding and the hateful are the fake

You might be thinking “Please man, yo who the hell is Ray?”
Have you so soon forgotten I was with you the other day?

Why do we spend our time just perpetuating fear
When the remedy for hate is showing love beyond compare

A rise of your emotions means you’ll act before you think
And a great way to allow that is by mixing it with drinks

Since knowledge is the key to hold your peace that comes from God
Then stack it in abundance or you’re “stacking” for a fall

And if I didn’t feel it all myself to speak the truth
How could I ever be the one to speak it now to you

You might be thinking evil at this moment as you read
But know I wish you love because our God is love that’s real 

God Bless,


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps not record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is Love
1 John 4:8


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